Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pig Run of Lake Nona 5k

The Pig Run of Lake Nona is 5k where at the halfway mark you eat glazed donuts!  While signing up for the race, you chose to eat 0,3, 6, 9 or a dozen donuts int he middle of the race.  I decided to play it safe and only sign up to eat one donut.  And yes, I did see runners sitting on the ground stuffing their face with a dozen donuts, more power to them. (I did think about signing up for the dozen, eating one, and running away with the rest of the box.  Apparently, that is frowned upon.)

Before the race we snapped some pictures with the Dunkin Donut's mascot and the little oinkes for the race! They really ran with the Pig Run and donuts theme!

It was a beautiful day for a 5k and the neighborhoods we ran in were even more beautiful.  The race even had Japanese drummers at the start of the race which provided some very unique course entertainment.  You can tell that the race organizers have a great sense of humor with all their donut puns written on signs that were peppered throughout the course.  Of course, my favorite thing along the course was being able to see my mom cheer me on from 4 different spots-talk about spectator friendly!  When I heard the cow bell she was ringing, I knew I needed to pick up the pace!

 Photo Courtesy of Pig Run's Facebook

I finished with an official time of 39:38.  Considering I ran with an upset stomach after the donut, I'm very happy!  The best part about the race was the GORGEOUS medal!  It is of the pig eating donut, it's almost like they took a picture of me to fashion the medal after! 

It was definitely a fun 5k and I wouldn't miss this race next year for anything!  I only hope that they make their water station better, as I could barely find it in the "Pig Pen" where we ate the donuts.